Features and Benefits for Sports Conditioning


Eccentric loading is fundamental part of all sports because eccentric contractions are used whenever an athlete is slowing down, decelerating orabsorbing force such as:

  • Stopping suddenly during movement
  • Changing direction suddenly during movement
  • During the landing phase of running
  • Landing from a jump
  • Increased Power

Power generation results from using the elastic potential of the muscle and connective tissue to generate increased force during concentric contraction AFTER rapid eccentric loading. Put simply: in order to explode you must first load eccentrically.   reACT develops the specific rhythm and timing of eccentric loading followed by concentric unloading safely and prepares the muscles and tendons specifically for explosive movements.

Features and benefits of reACT system for eccentric training for athletic conditioning:

reACT forces leg to absorb force eccentrically but provides no impact eccentric loading

reACT has been proven effective in professional sports programs for conditioning and rehabilitation by:

  • Houston Texans-NFL Oakland Raiders
  • Indianapolis Colts-NFL Miami Dolphins-NFL
  • New York Giants –NFL Tennessee Titan-NFL
  • Washington Redskins-NFL                     Chicago Cubs-MLB
  • Louis Rams US Olympic Center at Lake Placid
  • US Olympic Ski Team at Park City Navy SEALS
  • Gonzaga University Basketball Team Washington Institute of Sports Medicine

reACT provides functional eccentric training resulting in increased dynamic balance, increased core activation, and direct positive transfer of benefit to sports performance.

reACT allows for significant lower extremity loading and conditioning without loading the spine

Exercise in reACT is easy to progress and regress to match any athlete’s level of conditioning and coordination, and reACT is fun to use so athletes like using it!